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I am bad when it comes to loose change. I literally just throw it in my ashtray or in my dresser drawer. What I need to do is start taking my coins and cashing them in at my local Saint Petersburg Publix. Before I do that though, I need to make sure I don’t have the quarter that’s worth $6K in my possession. Yes, there is a rare quarter out there that is worth $6k. The coin you’re looking for is 2004 Wisconsin state quarter. With one very specific error.

The coin you’re looking for has an extra leaf.  There are two different versions of the “Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarters.” One of them is called the  “Low Leaf” which is the most common. The second version is called the “High Leaf”which is the scarcer one. Each version has an extra husks on the left side of the corn, which are not visible on the regular Wisconsin quarters.

According to the New York Post  “A 2004 Wisconsin quarter with an extra “low leaf” was auctioned for $6,000 in January 2020 and a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with an extra “high leaf” was auctioned for $2,530 in July 2006.” If you come across this quarter, take it and get it appraised. I actually was up all night checking all of my change, but have not came across this rare quarter yet. My birthday is in tomorrow and having this Wisconsin quarter would make it extra special. Good luck on finding one.

This Florida City Has Been Named Best Place To Live In The United States

I have lived in 4 cities in Florida and loved each of them differently. Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and now St. Petersburg. Which one did I like the best? I am loving St. Pete the most so far because there is a lot to do. None of the cities I lived in was named best place to live in the United States, but I did live near the one that is.

Scholaroo compared 150 cities in the US in 9 different areas. Affordability, Crime levels, Leisure/Entertainment, Quality of life, Healthcare, Education, Employment, and Infrastructure. Can you guess which city in Florida was ranked number one for 2023? This particular Florida city was ranked last for affordability but #1 in Leisure & Entertainment and Healthcare. Still can’t guess? Below are the top 10 cities to live in the United States.

  • 10. Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Cambridge Ranked Number One In Education and Employment. Even though they are number 10 on the list, these are great reasons to move here.

    Harvard And MIT Sue Trump Administration Over Foreign Student Rule

    CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS – JULY 08: A view of the campus of Harvard University on July 08, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have sued the Trump administration for its decision to strip international college students of their visas if all of their courses are held online. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

  • 9. Leawood, Kansas

    Leawood Kansas has a high ranking when it comes to the Economy. According to this list they are #3 .

  • 8. Papillion, Nebraska

    Nebraska is in the top 10 for best healthcare. According to the research they are ranked #8.

  • 7. Madison, Mississippi

    Madison is ranked top 10 in Crime and Safety and economy. In both of those categories they come in at #6.

  • 6. Alpharetta, Georgia

    My mom lives here and she loves it. Alpharetta is ranked #3 in the Economy.

  • 5. Portland, Maine

    I’ve been to Portland and it’s a very nice city. They have a high ranking in Leisure and entertainment. They come in at #4 in this category.

  • 4. Amherst, New Hampshire

    Amherst is a very safe place to live. They Rank #1 in Crime and safety.

  • 3. Naperville, Illinois

    Naperville ranked top 10 in leisure and entertainment and economy.

  • 2. Carmel, Indiana

    Carmel ranked #2 in Employment and #8 in Crime and safety.

  • 1. Naples, Florida

    Coming in at #1 on the list is Naples Florida. I didn’t live in Naples but lived very close. They rank #1 in health care and leisure and entertainment.


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