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Black patrons kicked out of Clearwater restaurant after alleged racist tirade has Frenchy’s going viral.  A man and wife, in the video below, are at the center of this attention.  According to statements, the man said “wow, you’re pretty for a Black girl.” and the battle began from there.  Anger and offense was easily heard as intensity grew.  The victim did grab her phone to capture the fallout.

The video shows the fallout but not the alleged statements.  In addition the video is void of the N-word usage.  The parties are clearly in a confrontation with not much denial, for the record.  Offers to “beat their ass” and “lay them out” are pretty clear in the recording.  Frenchy’s staff chose to remove the group while the couple remained.  The video does show the couple taunting the alleged victims as it winds down.  Viewers aren’t happy with the Black patrons kicked out of the Clearwater restaurant after this alleged racist tirade.

Again, you never hear or see the couple say anything racial in the video. However, you do see the group being kicked out of the restaurant. There’s an update with the video too! Online sleuths have found the couple online and are trying to expose them for what’s alleged.  Calls into the show had vast points.  Some were here for returning the same energy while others had eyes on the high road. Make sure you watch the video below to see what has the internet buzzing.


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