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The topic of road rage comes up on my show at least once a month. Road rage incidents have always happened but over the past couple of months many videos of people in action have surfaced. There was just a situation that happened in Tampa. A couple got out of their car and began attacking a Brandon woman’s vehicle. Not sure what led to the fight, but it’s being reported as a road rage incident.

Have you ever been in a road rage situation? I have been in one and had to pull over just let the angry man go ahead of me. What got the man upset was me getting over quickly before I missed my exit. I had my blinker on and everything.

He was very angry  and kept yelling out of the window that I cut him off. After we got off on the exit, he proceeded to follow me and kept getting on my bumper. I then decided to pull over and I got my phone out. My phone was out to call the police and to record.

If you are a person with road rage, please remember that it’s never that serious. Don’t let someone in traffic get you to the point where you do something that will land you in jail.

According to a study that was published in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experiment, drivers who smelt the essential oil peppermint displayed fewer aggressive driving behaviors. You may not have peppermint oil, but you can get the tree air freshener. The tree air freshener smells like peppermint.

I wish the woman in the video below would have smelled peppermint before getting out of her car and attacking people. This incident happened in the city I use to live in. I recognize the street sign and Winkler road in Fort Myers is where the fight took place. There is not much context to the video, but the woman was extremely upset.

Instagram user,  Only.In.Naples.239 posted the video with the caption “SWFL road rage is something else.”  If you have seen any road rage incidents feel free to email me footage to Stay safe and remember, it’s never that serious.


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Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Tampa

Before moving to the Tampa , I lived In Fort Myers. Of course I like Tampa better because there is a lot more to do. When moving to a new city, you always have to do your research. Do you go by word of mouth, or do you actually search on the internet? I do a little bit of both. Area vibes, created a list of the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Tampa for 2023.

The rankings are calculated based on the number of violent crimes per 100K people versus the Tampa violent crime average. Violent crimes include rape, robbery, assault and murder. This information comes from the local law enforcement agency. Some of it includes estimates based on the demographic data.

  • Historic Ybor

    Population: 1,999

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 4,090

    686% More Crime Than Tampa

  • Downtown

    Population: 1,897

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 3,583

    589% More Crime Than Tampa

  • Drew Park

    Population: 1,613

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,748

    428% More Crime Than Tampa

  • East Ybor

    Population: 1,145

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,667

    413% More Crime Than Tampa

  • Highland Pines

    Population: 1,170

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,189

    321% More Crime Than Tampa

  • Courier City

    Population: 3,426

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,099

    304% More crime Than Tampa

  • Florence

    Population: 584

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 1,856

    257% More Crime Than Tampa

  • North Tampa

    Population: 7,465

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 1,518

    192% More Crime Than Tampa

  • Ybor City

    Population: 5,216

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 1,492

    187% More Violent Crimes Than Tampa


  • Sulphur Springs

    Population: 11,408

    Violent Crimes Per 100,000:1,477

    184% More Crime Than Tampa