Report Shows ‘Best Counties to Live in Florida’ : 5 In Tampa Bay

A new report released by Stacker says that 5 of the Best Counties to Live in Florida are right here in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you're looking to find somewhere new to plant your roots or relocating for work, moving is never simple.  You have to worry about new neighborhoods and if they're safe or not, the cost of living in those areas, and more. We're here to break it down for you. Like most areas in Florida, Tampa Bay is getting hit hard with extreme population growth. Stacker recently released a report showing the 30 Best Counties to Live in Florida and while there are great options throughout the state, the Tampa Bay area counties dominate the list. Just last year, Polk County saw over 26,000 new residents move in. There's many reasons why thousands of people are choosing the Tampa Bay area. Stacker says, "Many counties are experiencing growth due to their job opportunities, education, or relatively affordable housing costs. Others are favored for their historic or well-designed downtowns or access to cultural opportunities." Affordable housing? Are we talking about the same Tampa Bay? We'll let that one marinate. But, with championship-winning professional sports teams, bustling entertainment, and some of the best beaches in the world, it's easy to see Tampa has seen huge growth. And, none of the Tampa Bay counties made it onto the riskiest cities to own a home in Florida. What are the best counties to live in Florida? Out of the 30 best counties to live in Florida, 5 are in Tampa Bay. Coming in at #28 is Pasco County. Pasco County, Florida has a population of 569,211, a median household income of $63,187, and a median rent payment of $1,282. Up next, Manatee County. Manatee County slides into #22 place with a population of 405, 069. The median rent jumps up to $1,418 and on average, residents make $71,385 per household. Holmes Beach, Whitfield, and West Bradenton are the top 3 cities to live in Manatee County. Now, we’re cracking the top 10. Pinellas County claims the title for #10 with a population of 959,918. The average household rakes in $66,406 and pays, on average, $1,389 for rent. Crescent Lake, Euclid Heights, and North Shore were named the top 3 places within Pinellas County. Sarasota County comes in a bit on the south side of the Tampa Bay region but ranks #6 overall. On average, renters pay $1,590 with an average household income of $77,213. Vamo, Siesta Key, and South Sarasota were named the top 3 places in Sarasota County. Tampa’s very own, Hillsborough County, claims the #5 slot with a population of 1,468,560. On average, renters pay $1,413 and make $70,612. Uptown, Hyde Park and Harbour Island claim the top 3 places in Hillsborough County. To read the full report, click here.

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