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5 Songs That Didn’t Age Well

One of my favorite things to do when I have some downtime is listen to my music on shuffle. It always takes me down a crazy path of music I forgot about. As I was getting lost in the shuffle session, I came across a song that made me cringe a bit. Michael Jackson's "PYT". I couldn't help but think about all the allegations against Mike and how the song didn't age well over time. It also inspired me to create a new list! So let's have a toast to the songs that couldn't outrun Father Time. Here are my top 5 songs that didn't age well. Why Songs Don't Age Well There are many reasons why songs don’t stand the test of time. And one very easy reason is simply being outdated. For example, let’s use technology. There’s nothing that outdates a song more than mentioning a technology that is currently obsolete. Another reason a song can age is legal troubles. In the beginning, I talked about one of Michael Jackson’s songs and his allegations. It can make a classic like “PYT” seem like an admission of guilt with its lyrics. Makes you wonder whether or not they were trying to secretly tell us something. Let us not forget about relationships. There’s nothing like a song being written about people who aren’t friends or together anymore. Turns the song from a dedication into a bad memory. Last, but not least we have the lyrics themselves. Throughout the history of music, there have been so many songs that have lyrics that may have been appropriate at one point but have changed to being not so politically correct. So now that you understand some of the reasons why song don’t age well, let’s get into the list!