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Are you all work, and no play? Let WiLD 94.1 relieve that stress!

WiLD 94.1 is spicing up your nine to five with The Workday Fourplay. Download the WiLD 94.1 app and listen while your on the job, because we’re giving you 2 chances a day to win cash with The Workday Fourplay! 

Each morning at 755am, The Freakshow will tell you the hours we are going to get you off and hook you up with the cash. During said hours, we will play an alarm – when you hear it, call in at  888-429-0941. Be the first to get through, correctly tell the last four songs we played and you can win $100 PER SONG you get correct!

Winning money has never been so satisfying.

Official Rules, click here.