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The Florida State Fair is back February 10th through the 21st!! The fair is known for it’s rides, shows, animals and crazy foods. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, the fair has a whole list of wacky food combos. Here are four things I want to try this year – Stiffy

  • Funnel Cake Taco

    Funnel Cake Taco

    This is my number 1 draft pick! The Funnel Cake Taco is a taco shell dipped in a special buffalo funnel mix, fried golden, then filled with buffalo chicken dip, topped with lettuce, cheddar cheese, ranch, and Cool Ranch Doritos crumbles.

  • The Donut Dog

    Donut Dog

    I’m a big fan of glazed donut cheeseburgers, so I’m very interested in this. The Donut Dog is a homemade long John Donut with a fresh grilled all beef hot dog inside. Add in some applewood bacon and then an icing drizzle!

  • Carmel Apple Cinnamon Roll

    Carmel Apple Cinnamon Roll

    This delicious looking treat is a cinnamon roll topped with warm cinnamon apple pie filling, then drizzled with warm caramel and white frosting.

  • Cookie Dough Explosion

    Cookie Dough Explosion

    This one is definitely an explosion of treats I love. A sundae with chocolate chip cookies, topped with a salted caramel gelato, cookie dough that’s covered in hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream, and then top it off with Oreos.