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There’s a massive melting pot of dining options in Tampa, Florida and several have been featured on the Food Network. One of the most recognizable and famous chefs is none-other than Guy Fieri from the show ‘Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives’. It’s one of our favorite shows to watch and he’s been to the Tampa Bay area several times trying many different types of restaurants. Have you been to one of these places Guy Fieri visited on his popular show? The Mayor of Flavortown loves to go to places that have delicious food so you know these spots are worth the drive.

It’s always fun to see our local places get a national spotlight. There’s almost 70 Florida restaurants have been featured on Guy Fieri’s show and several are also located in Orlando. Check out the full list of all the restaurants featured on the show HERE. It should be noted that a couple places have permanently closed that are not featured on this list.

  • Taco Bus

    Mmmm, we love Taco Bus and since they have several locations all over the Tampa Bay area it’s more convenient to try their food now than ever. Meredith loves their Queso dip, Chimichanga and El Borrito Bol for something a little lighter. Check out their menu HERE!

  • Buya Ramen

    There’s nothing like an authentic bowl of ramen! See them make a yummy bowl that will make your mouth water. Check out their menu HERE!

  • Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

    Everyone talks about their famous smoked fish spread. People drive from all over the Tampa Bay area to eat lunch and take home some of their smooth dip. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. Check out their menu HERE!

  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company

    This place has everything you could ask for in one spot with delicious food and beer. They offer Meredith’s favorite beer cheese soup, big burgers and tasty pizzas. Plus they have a couple of locations you can visit. Check out their menu HERE!

  • Keegan's Seafood Grille

    This place is definitely known for their seafood. They offer crispy beer battered fish & chips, fresh flounder plus homemade coleslaw. It looks so good we want to go now. Check out their menu HERE!

  • Alpine Steakhouse

    Ever want to try a Turducken? Guy helped make a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. He said it was pure deliciousness! Check out their menu HERE!