Within just a few seconds, your online dating profile either grabs a man’s interest — or turns him off. You think your current profile portrays you as intelligent, independent, considerate, loving, and good-natured. But a single man glances at your profile and thinks you’re jaded, mistrusting, angry at men, you have control issues, and that you’re looking for a man to complete you or financially take care of you. Click! He’s gone! Off to read another woman’s profile.

6 Tiny Mistakes Women Make That Turn Men Off Quickly:

According to YourTango, men jilted, hammered, and lied to by women instinctively read between the lines of your dating profile. Whether you’re dating in Florida or California it’s important to keep up to date about all this information. They search for signs of gold-digging, clingy co-dependent traits, financial and emotional instability, and hang-ups from a previous relationship. They look at your only blurry headshot and they wonder how many pounds, years, and wrinkles you’re concealing. With thousands of women online from which to choose, a man is quickly drawn to another woman’s smiling face and smartly written profile. Here are the top dating profile mistakes that repel men (and tips for how to look attractive, intriguing, and desirable).

  • Poor Grammar And Spelling

    Most people can’t stand it if you don’t know how to spell never the less someone you find attractive. Really, it’s because it makes them seem stupid and the last thing you want is to be with a dumb chick.

    cell phone shock

  • Sounding Jaded And Bitter

    Always having an attitude makes you seem like you always have issues. Problems with people or you’re always cranky. No one wants to be with someone who’s moody 24/7.

    angry woman

  • Incredibly Needy

    Always wanting or needing someone can be cute in the beginning but it can become a red flag over time. Not being able to make decisions on your own or needing someone all the time can be super annoying!

    angry woman relationship

  • No Sense Of Humor

    Can’t take a joke? Or do you take yourself too seriously? Then that means you’re no fun! Watch out.

    Angry millennial couple arguing shouting blaming each other of problem, frustrated husband and annoyed wife quarreling about bad marriage relationships, unhappy young family fighting at home concept

  • Posting Unflattering Photos

    Why would you constantly post photos of yourself wasted? Or overly sexual all the time? It becomes too much and you seem like you only care about yourself!

    angry scared shocked

  • Low Standards Of Hygiene

    Not showering enough? Do you smell sometimes and not care? Hygiene is very important so keeping up with yourself is important to everyone. Go shower!

    smell yuck gross

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