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Tampa carb avoiders get bored with the incessant norm, so here are my favorite keto options when out. These choices are reminders of the old, “eat what I want” life, without pulling me away from my progress. Sometimes I want pizza, a burrito or thee best juicy burger. My mind wants them the way I loved them, a lifetime ago, but that path made me over 440 lbs. Shout out to not exercising and eating horribly late nightly. Following a consistent keto plan and the portion control that Eat Right meal plans provide, I got down to 280 lbs. Following the plan is effective but sometimes you need a cheat. Or do you?  My favorite keto options when out, are here for you all.

Iggy Azalea With The Freakshow

JD - LAtheGoat with Freaks

Now to be clear, I don’t count macros or read ingredients.  When you’re as heavy as I was (or am), correcting the bad is the necessity.  After 22 months of not breaking the eating routine, I did enjoy some goodies. Took me almost two years to finally cheat but I did.  I loved it!   I quickly got back to the plan but still wanted different tastes.  These options, keep me in ketosis while letting me taste a change up.  I’m not a pro and certainly not a success story. I simply eliminate breads, pasta, rice, sugar, and most fun stuff.  When I need that taste, I lean on these key choices around our Tampa Bay area.

  • My Pizza Fix

    Ledo Cauliflower Pizza

    Ledo Pizza

    Yummy Ledo

    Ledo Pizza

    My love for pizza is insane and once I joined the keto journey, I couldn’t find any faux crusts that I liked.  My sad option was to buy pizzas and pull the toppings off, leaving a full pie of crust.  Sadness personified.  However, my favorite Tampa pizza spot, Ledo Pizza, in Carrollwood has a cauliflower crust that is perfection.  The sauce is awesome and I love the square cut slices.  Anytime I need a pizza fix, but don’t want to blow my gains (or lack thereof), I swing by and get a normal pie, for my daughters, and keto for O.  Their Italian salad also has to come home or the girls will lock me out.  Ledo Pizza – 14432 N. Dale Mabry

  • Alfredo I've Missed You So

    Olive Garden
    Olive Garden

    One thing I love is Italian food and Olive Garden is a spot my daughters and I enjoyed together. Our first few trips, on this journey were salad filled, for me, with veggies and a protein. Then, when my thirst for their alfredo sauce got the best of me, I pulled the waiter aside for help. I asked “can I order the chicken alfredo, add shrimp but no noodles?” He looked at me strange and said “what do ya want it on?” I picked spinach and broccoli. After he made it, the chef came out and said “I love this, where you see it done?” My answer was “in my head”. It’s not fettuccine but I call it Ketoccine and it soothes the beast.  Walk em thru it at any Olive Garden

  • Goal Scored With Wings

    Hattricks for the Win
    Wings For The Win

    Hattrick’s is the spot on Tampa Bay Lightning game nights but I legit order their Shake and Bake wings, with their Lightning flavor and they are bomb. Hands down, the best wings in town. Keto purists won’t like fried but for my trek, fried, non-breaded wings have been a play for me. I always do the Caesar salad, as a side. Keto or not, these wings slap, so game night or lunch (yes, I went today to snap these pics) this is the spot. Hattrick’s – 107 S. Franklin St.

  • This Burger is THEE Burger (no time for a bun)

    Thee Burger Spot

    The Burger Spot

    Thee Big Boy

    Thee Burger Spot

    The one thing about this journey is when you begin, you’re going to get tested. Watching friends eat this burger, dubbed “Thee Big Boy“, made me wanna cry. That was until Thee Burger Spot owners brought me a keto (bunless) version to the Toy Drive Tower. I was in heaven. It’s the best burger in the Bay.  Numerous awards show that to be true. With 3 succulent patties, all nestled into their own slice of American cheese, with mayo, lettuce, tomato, bacon, onions and their exclusive “onion thangs“, it’s the baddest burger on any block. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor.  Their menu is lit itself.  You’re gonna love the titles.  My food guy gets a workout at least twice a month. Thee Burger Spot – 3917 N. Tampa St. (corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Tampa St.)

  • Cali Got My Burrito Right Here In Tampa

    Tacos Las Californias
    Cheese Wrapped Burrito


    My love for burritos is real. Not being able to have flour tortilla made it almost impossible. Before heading to a music summit, in LA, I saw a birria spot, that did a cheese based, outer layer (in place of tortilla), for keto people. I slid in their DM’s like a horny, college kid, letting them know I was on the way soon. I landed and went immediately. After showing so much love, I reached out to Tacos Las Californias to see if it was possible? Their answer had me at their counter the next day. I buy the chicken, with onion, lettuce and cilantro and a steak one, as well. I can only eat one, but later…it’s goes down! I truly appreciate this fix, for my burrito needs. Thanks Tacos Las Californias – 2 locations at 5635 Memorial Hwy. AND 7007 N. Armenia Ave.

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