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Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re like me you loved the headline “Here is the most haunted home in Florida.”  Fall is my favorite time of the year and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Are you into haunted houses? I am! I live in St. Petersburg and Ive gone on a couple of ghost tours here In the city. Of course I was scared the whole time, but I love the thrill of it all!

Post War Housing

Real Vs. Fake

While I do enjoy fabricated haunted houses, actual haunted houses are more fun. You know, like homes where tragic events happen. The homes where people who died there are still lurking around the property. Sounds fun right? there are so many places across the United States that are actually haunted!

I do believe in ghost and spirits. Some are good, some are not. House beautiful put together a list of the most haunted homes from each state in America. The Florida home that made this list is not in St. Augustine. I thought it would be since that’s where a lot of real haunted attractions are. Can you guess which city the most haunted home is in? You will soon find out below.

Haunted Experience

Have you ever had a ghost encounter? I believe my grandmother comes back and visits me from time to time. She passed away in 2021, and I hear and see her at night. She would be my friendly ghost and spirit. Luckily I have  never had an experience with an angry ghost, but if you have feel free to email me. You can reach me at I want to hear about it! If you have pictures and videos, you can send those over as well.

House Beautiful has all 50 states, but below is a list of 5 states and their most haunted homes. Ive also included the most haunted home in Florida.  

  • Michigan

    I grew up in Michigan and Im sad I never went and visited this place. Henderson Castle is the most haunted home in Michigan and it’s located in Kalamazoo! Visitors have reported that they seen the ghost of the original home owners. Frank and Mary Henderson. They also see a veteran of the Spanish-America War, a dog and a little girl. Apparently the spirits try to communicate to the living through unplugged radios.

  • Georgia

    Rhodes Hall is the most haunted home in Georgia. Located in Atlanta, it’s haunted by the wife of Amos Rhodes who was a great furniture mogul. His wife Mrs. Rhodes haunts the place along with an evil spirit called the “Shadow Man.” Guest even say they’ve seen children running around the building. Today, Rhodes Hall serves as the headquarters of The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation.

  • Illinois

    The McPike Mansion is the most haunted home in Illinois. This former boarding house is located In Alton. Ghost sightings for this home go all the way back to the 1940’s. Boarders would hear children playing even when no children lived there. This mansion was abounded for decades but people would still walk pass it and see faces in the windows.

  • California

    The Whaley House is the most haunted home in California. The now museum is located in San Diego and it was once a private home for Thomas Whaley and his family. Sadly, the home was built on the site of a gruesome hanging. The victim was said to terrorize the Whaley family on the regular. Years later, Whaley’s daughter died by suicide. Thomas and his wife’s spirit have been spotted at the home.

  • Florida

    The Riddle House in West Palm Beach is the most haunted home in Florida. Reports tell us that this property was once a funeral home. One of the more famous ghosts at this funeral home is Joseph. Joseph was said to have worked for the home’s owner, Karl Riddle. Joseph died by suicide in the home. His spirit allegedly comes back and attacks those he feel is on his turf. 

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