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If you were wondering how good The Vince Staples Show is on Netflix, I did you a favor and wrote up a review for each episode. In the last couple of years, there have been a few rappers that have successfully transitioned into the world of comedy. You may think that this kind of transition would be easy for someone in show business, but evidence has shown there have been more failures than success stories. Just ask TI. Everyone remembers when the actor/rapper tried his luck at the April Fools Comedy show in Brooklyn and was booed off stage. Instances like these are what makes Vince Staples’ achievements that much more impressive.

Who is Vince Staples?

The majority of people out there have no idea who Vince Staples is. If you have been a fan of Odd Future and their members, you know exactly who he is. Not only has Staples been featured on mixtapes with members of Odd Future like Mike G and Earl Sweatshirt, but also on projects with ScHoolboy Q, and Mac Miller. Since then, Staples has dropped 25 singles along with 4 mixtapes and 5 studio albums including Summertime ’06, Big Fish Theory, FM!, Vince Staples, and Ramona Park Broke My Heart.

Staples has also seen some success in television and film with acting credits on “Dope”, “Insecure”, “White Men Can’t Jump” and Abbott Elementary. Now, Vince Staples has his own sketch comedy show on Netflix, and boy is it funny. The Vince Staples Show is a depiction of Staples’ surreal life while poking fun at celebrity culture during his adventures. A sitcom in the form of a parody reality television show (if that even makes sense).

Other Rappers That Have Successfully Made The Transition To Comedy

The first Rapper turned comedian that comes to mind is Donald Glover. The artist also known as Childish Gambino has always gotten love for his musical work, but many didn’t know he was a writer until his success with FX’s “Atlanta”. Before that, Glover wrote for iconic shows like 30 Rock and Community. He has even been rumored to have ghostwritten for some late-night shows in the past.

Another artist who has seen success in comedy is Lil Dicky. Also on FX, his hit show “DAVE” has been regarded as one of the best SitComs on TV.  Now we have another successful rapper in comedy with Vince Staples. In all, I gave the series a 7.5/10. I honestly thought we needed more episodes. Here is my breakdown of each one.

  • Episode 1: Pink House

    You ever wonder what would happen if a police officer got ahold of one of the rappers that rapped horribly about them? This episode is what Vince Staples’ interaction would be like. Or did this really happen? The episode is that good. You almost feel as if you’re in a reality television series. The funniest part of the episode are all of the characters in the jail though. 7/10

  • Episode 2: Black Business

    Imagine going to a bank and suddenly being involved in a hostage situation. The kicker is the bank is being robbed by some of your homies! So everything really isn’t that bad. Or so you think. This episode is probably my favorite of the series. Vince Staples won me over with this one. 9/10

  • Episode 3: Brown Family

    This episode makes me feel like I was at Vince’s family reunion. From the situation with the Mac & Cheese to the interactions with the different family members, it had me laughing throughout the entire episode. This was another one of the episodes where the supporting characters stole the show. 8/10

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 12: Vince Staples attends Netflix’s THE VINCE STAPLES SHOW Premiere at Netflix Tudum Theater on February 12 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

  • Episode 4: Red Door

    This episode got me looking at mascots sideways now. Not the funniest of the episodes, but it still kept me interested to see what happened next. You also get to see some action with Vince Staples fighting too. It doesn’t go how you think though. 7/10

  • Episode 5: White Boy

    This Episode was deep. A bit more of a serious tone compared to the other episodes, but still did the job of peeling back the layers of who Vince Staples is. This was a perfect episode to end the series. I still think we should have had more episodes. 8/10


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