Florida is a great place to find some amazing restaurants. Because we have so many different cultures living in the Sunshine State, our food options are endless. Did you know that there are over 41,000 restaurants in Florida? The only other states that have us beat are California, Texas and New York. This list has all of the best restaurants in every major city in Florida. We wanted to include every city and town, but for the sake of time, we only mentioned the top cities with population over 50,000 people.

If you ever wondered if your personal favorite restaurant is the most popular in town, now you’ll have the answer. There are over 400 towns in Florida, so consider this list of places to stop during your next road trip or staycation. Some of these places best places are mom and pop shops, which we love to see! We used Yelp to find the highest rated restaurant in each city.

If this list has you hungry, you can also check out the top 10 new restaurants in Florida. A few of those places are even in the Tampa Bay area!

These are the best restaurants in every major city in Florida (alphabetically)