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Everybody has moved to Florida! Well at least it seems like it. I moved to St. Petersburg in 2019 and it feels like the population has doubled since the pandemic. Florida became a desirable destination because we were wide open. I love the seeing the memes that say “Stop moving to Florida were closed!”

The more people that move here, the harder the commutes become. Im surprised that Tampa Bay did not make this list, because it takes forever to maneuver through traffic. Where do you live in Florida, and how long does it take you to commute? It takes me a good 25 minutes to get to work without the traffic. When there is an accident it can sometimes take up to 45 minutes.

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The Study

This study was done by INRIX which is an a transportation analytics company! Out of the cities that were ranked 2 of them which include the Florida City now have more traffic congestion and delays then they did pre covid. According to Bob Pishue, who is a transportation analyst at INRIX, congestion is good.  “Congestion shows that the economy is moving. Traffic is a problem, but it’s reflective of people going to the office, running errands, shopping, visiting relatives, which are all good things.”

Can you guess which Florida City made this list? It’s one that I have wanted to move to since a little girl. However it is way to expensive for my budget. I go there for concerts and to visit. When down there I usually spend more more than I should . I always leave wishing I would have been more disciplined.

Below are the top 5 cities that have the worst traffic in the United sates. The list below also includes the Florida City that has the worst traffic in the United States. Do you disagree with this list? Feel free to email me Im here for you always.

  • 1. Chicago

    Chicago comes in at number 1 on this list. According to the report Chicago now has more traffic congestion and delays than it did pre-Covid.

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  • 2.Boston

    In Boston, drivers lost 134 hours compared to 78 in 2021. In 2022, the traffic delays cost drivers $2,270 in the Massachusetts capital and the city an overall amount of $4.3 billion.

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  • 3. New York City

    In NYC, drivers lost 117 hours in traffic delays, compared to 102 in 2021. These delays cost the average driver $1,976 and the city $10.2 billion.

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  • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia ranks number 8 when it comes to congestion world wide. Number 4 in congestion in the United States. 114 hours were lost in congestion in Philly! $1925 is the cost of congestion per driver in Philadelphia.

    Section Of I-95 In Philadelphia Collapses After Tanker Fire

  • Miami

    Miami is the Florida City that has the worst traffic in the United States. Miami  ranks number 9 when it comes to congestion world wide. Ranks 5 in congestion in the United States. If you live in Miami you have lost 105 hours in congestion. $1773 is the cost of congestion per driver in Miami.

    While Most Cities Are Seeing Less Traffic Than Pre-Pandemic, Miami Roads Are More Congested With Its Growing Population

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