If you are tired of spending a lot of money on groceries, you have come to the right article. “ This Is The Cheapest Grocery Store In Florida .” This particular grocery store has some locations where I live in St. Petersburg but I have yet to shop there. I live alone and my bill is always over $200, so I could only imagine people with families. How much is your grocery bill on a weekly basis? Feel free to email me to [email protected]. Is it just me or does it feel like groceries are more expensive this year, than they have been in previous years? According to research, we are right!

Are Americans Spending More Money On Groceries In 2024?

This Is The Cheapest Grocery Store In Florida

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According to research done by Ramsey Solutions, 58% of Americans are spending more on groceries this year over last year. Ramsey solutions says that food prices have jumped 2.6% over the past year. It’s almost like we are now working just to eat. Food is important but you should not have to spend your whole check on feeding your family. I did this topic on the radio last week and there was a woman with a family of 4 who says she spends almost $1k on groceries every two weeks. She did say that she prefers the healthier and organic options when it comes to food. Yes, that makes a difference. However, you should not have to spend a fortune just to eat healthy.

The Is The Cheapest Grocery Store In Florida

Ramsey solutions put together a list of the 10 cheapest grocery stores in America for 2024 . Below you will find 4 of the cheapest grocery stores in Florida. Do you shop at any of these? If not your probably will now!

  • Aldi

    Aldi is the number one cheapest grocery store in America which would automatically make it the cheapest grocery store in Florida. There are many locations all across this great state. They keep their cost down by having customers rent baskets, not offering free bags and also customers have to bag their own groceries. Seems like a lot of work right? Well that’s what keeps the cost down. They have great deals that change weekly, make sure y0u check their website.

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  • Trader Joes

    Trader Joes is the 5th cheapest grocery store in America and the 2nd cheapest grocery store in Florida. There are so many Trader locations and yes I have actually shopped at Trader Joes before. They keep their prices down by mostly stocking their store brand, not paying for ad’s and they also buy in volume. Make sure you check Trader Joe’s website for their sale updates.

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  • Walmart

    Walmart is the 3rd cheapest grocery store in Florida but the 7th cheapest in America. They keep their prices down because they have huge bargaining power with their suppliers. Also they sell so much they can afford lower prices. Check the Walmart website for all of their updates.

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  • Sams Club

    Sams Club is the 10th cheapest grocery store in America, but the 4th cheapest grocery store in Florida. They keep their cost low by buying in bulk and charging membership fees. They also take advantage of their vendor relationship with Walmart. Check Sam’s club website for all of their deals.

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