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Let me warm up my Rock voice real quick. Ahem… “After a three year hiatus, WWE Raw is coming back to TAMPA!!!” All of your favorite WWE Superstars will be LIVE July 18th at Amalie Arena. Here’s some of the superstars that are set to preform. The Miz, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and more.

While we’re on the subject on wrestling, check out my list of Top 5 Wrestlers of All Time

  • #5 Macho Man Randy Savage & The Ultimate Warrior

    This one’s a tie. I couldn’t make a list and not add these two. The Warrior wasn’t the great of a wrestler, but his character was legendary. The way he would run into the ring and shake the ropes was awesome! Macho Man on the other hand was a great wrestler and unforgettable. Ohhhh yeahhhh!!!!

  • #4 The Undertaker

    How can you not add the deadman to this list. His character and run in the WWE is iconic!

  • #3 Stone Cold

    The Stunner might be the best finishing move of all time!!! Plus who else shotguns beers in the ring?


  • #2 The Rock

    The People’s Champ is electrifying. And when it comes to handling the mic, no one is as good as The Rock!!!

  • #1 Hulk Hogan

    He changed the game!! There was or is nobody in the sport, bigger than the Hulkster.