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Hey, It’s Babs!!! Happy early or belated Birthday by the way. I don’t really receive gifts, but I do like to treat myself. I want you to treat yourself as well. Below I have a listed ideas for you!

  • Gholston Buccaneers Jersey

    Here is the first item you should treat yourself to. William Gholston #92 Buccaneers Jersey! I love the Bucs and this is the perfect one to get. The season has started, and what better way to show up to the game with some Bucs pride.

    Get it now from Fanatics
  • Zella Lace Up Heels

    I’m always out and about across Tampa Bay enjoying the nightlife, and if you’re like me girl, these will be perfect for you. They are sexy and according to some other reviews they are also very comfortable.

    Get it now from EGO Shoes