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MetroPCS Lakeland July 21st

At MetroPCS you can get a great phone and 4 lines of unlimited LTE data for only $100! With a great selection of new phones and planes just right for you or the whole family.

Uber Driver Suspended After Secretly Live-Streaming Passengers

An Uber driver was caught secretly live-streaming his passengers on Twitch. The 32-year-old, Jason Gargac, from Missouri, went by "JustSmurf" on the website. According to Gargac, he was just trying to "capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers." After hearing about the story, Uber has decided to suspend Gargac from using the app.

Ryan Reynold's Would 'Love' To Explore Deadpool's Sexuality

Deadpool isn't like most superheroes, which is why the Deadpool movies aren't like most superhero movies. The movie is rated R for violent and strong sexual content and has even been banned in some places like China. In the past, fans have commented on the character Deadpool's sexuality, and one of the movie's directors has…

Toddler Left In Day Care Van Dies From Heat

Why does this still keep happening? A 3-year-old Texas boy died Thursday after being left in a day care van! It was extremely hot that day with temperatures reaching 113 degrees. The toddler remained in the van after going on a day care field trip and had no way to get out himself. The boy…