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ER Nurse Steals Rolex From Patient And Pawns It

You would think that you would be able to trust a nurse, especially a nurse working in the ER. Well TRUST us, you don't want to trust this nurse!! She was busted for stealing a patient’s Rolex and then selling it to a pawn shop. The victim was treated, she was given all her clothes and jewelry,…

Four Loko Is Back With New Favor

This is a big weekend for my 4:20 people. An Four Loko is giving you guys some love too. An yes people still drink Four Loko's too. They came out with a new favor that some of you weed heads might like. Click here to see what the taste from them.

Woman Beats Ex With His Prosthetic Leg

FYI, don't go out drinking with the person you're about to break up with!!! That's what happen with this (ex) couple. They were out drinking, having a good time, then he dropped a bomb on her. He told her that he wanted to date other people. That didn't go over to well and somehow she got…

Ja Rule Owes IRS Money

Seems like hip hop artist need to get a better accountant. Another OG rapper owes the IRS. An this time its Ja Rule owing a lot of money. Click here to see how much he owes. Ain't he doing shows with Ashanti, you would think he has the money to pay his taxes.

Dj Khaled on SNL

"Cloth Talk" is want of those saying from Dj Khaled. With the new album coming soon. He will be closing out Saturday Night Live season with appearance. Click here to see the date of the last episode.

Mother And Son Get Arrested Together

The mom and son who get arrested together at Walmart stay together, or something like that lol. So this dude ran to the back of the store, took off his clothes and grabbed some new ones off a rack. He then took off, running  over an officer on his scooter, but was eventually stopped and arrested.…

Saturday Night Live Skit

Saturaday Night Live has the some of the best sketches when it come current events. Here is one starring Pete Davidson about dorm room posters. Posters coming to live to help him write is essay. Wish this was with me in college days.