The Nuthouse

Weekdays 3PM - 7PM


The energetic co-host of The Nuthouse, Stifler is a Bay Area native born and raised in St. Petersburg/He is an avid fan of all sports especially baseball and football; enjoys being around friends; and working out. He started at WiLD in 2000 as a street teamer all the while learning the ropes. He then became part of the WiLD Bunch were he earned his on-air moniker and worked his way up to become the host of the late night feature, The I Love Beer Show, for almost 4 years. For the last 7 years Stiffy and Buckwheat have commanded the number one rated shift from 7p-12midnight. As of 3/30/16 you can now hear the Nuthouse Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm on WiLD 94.1! A proud father, Stifler is very passionate about his craft and is dedicated to excellence in all that he does.

The charismatic and unpredictable personality affectionately known as Buckwheat can be heard on WiLD 94.1 every Mon-Fri 3p-7p. Though he has made a name for himself as co-host of The Nuthouse, Buckwheat’s antics as a member of the WiLD Street Team and Weekend Jock often proceed him. Wherever he goes the party is sure to follow. Throughout his many years at WiLD Buckwheat has helped to built a loyal and active fan base for the station. Originally from Texas Buckwheat has adapted well to life in Florida, he has become a local celebrity of the Tampa Nightlife all throughout the Bay Area. A WiLD 94.1 veteran, Buckwheat is an excellent representative of what it means to be WiLD!