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Christie Brinkley Still Got It

Some people are scare to get older but Christie Brinkley is not afraid and is really bracing it her age. An can we say that she is working out to stay fit and to look like she is in her 30's too. Check out her picture she posted on Instagram but click here to see.

Whitney Estates Is Doing A Tour

Its been 7 years since we lost the great Whitney Houston. Crazy to think its been that long already but her estates is going to do a hologram tour and few others things. Click here to see what and if the tour is something you would be interesting to see.

Chick Throws Cue Ball At Her Boss

A chick got fired and arrested after she showed up to work drunk. Now just showing up to work drunk won't get you arrested, but throwing a cue ball at your will!!  When she showed up to work, she was given the ok to work and to dance on stage. Then things went left!! The manager…

Trey Songz A Daddy or Nah

Why artist or actors go to be so extra when it comes to socials. So vague bout there personally life. We just want to know if its true or not Trey Songz. He posted a pic of him holding a baby foot. Come this be he is a a baby daddy. Click here to see…

Game Of Thrones Fans Are Out Of Control

We are getting close to series finale of Game of Thrones this coming Sunday night on HBO. Its crazy how many people are disgust it about the season, that they want a remake. Keep in mind it cost millions of dollars to make the finale season. Click here to see how many people sign a…

No More Drake Song For The Moment

Man people really are against Drake when it come to NBA playoffs. Another radio station is taking a stands on his music. Wondering what station it could be possible, click here to see. Might be the a station you have listen to before. Poor Drake!!

Guy Pushes Over Portable Toilet After Trapping Woman Inside

This dude was arrested and charged with felony counts of kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and assault after trapping a woman inside a porta potty. Here's what happened. He was at the Metrolink rail station parking lot in St. Louis when he punched a woman that was coming out of a porta potty. He then locked this lady inside and…