Live From Megacon Tampa Bay Ivan Plaza & Marco Lopez Interview!

We run into Marco Lopez and Ivan Plaza here at Megacon Tampa Bay and talk about their new projects in the Luchaverse! Rey Mysterio, The Lucha Brothers, Tinieblas and more!

Interview with Ron Kasman creator of "The Tower Of The Comic Book Freaks"

We speak with Ron Kasman about his graphic novel "The Tower Of The Comic Book Freaks" and fandom, comic con life was in the 70's!

Captain Marvel - DC Universe App - Iron Fist and More!

We talk about our first impressions of the recently dropped Captain Marvel Trailer, DC Universe App, Speedy Gives us a review of Iron Fist Season 2, and expectations of Netflix's Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action Show!

Predator and Spider Man PS4 Review - Henry Cavil Rumors - Captain Marvel

Today we review Predator before you spend your hard earned money this weekend on it! Plus we review Spider Man Video Game for the PS4, we talk about Henry Cavil leaving Superman role rumors, first look at Captain Marvel images, and everyone chipping in for a DC Universe account!