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Meet Jabbar Buggz also known as, The Weekend Guy! My favorite arist is Fetty Wap, because he sees the real in me. They sometimes call me the taller sexier version of Kevin Hart. I’ll repost it of its worthy and I’ll like it if its dirty.

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I love Netflix, singing karaoke, my Brooklyn Nets, the Tampa Bay Bucs, messing with debt collectors and Oreo Cookies with the Strawberry Cream filling, even though they’re not available anymore… come on Nabisco! I thank everyone who has supported me along the way! May the force be with you………

Twitter: @itsspecialed | Instagram: @itsspecialed


Georgia born, Florida raised, Busta has lived his life right here in the Tampa Bay area. He got hired with the then WiLD 98.7 while on a boat in 1998, as a promo tech but the next day was asked to run the board and take calls. He became the first live voice for WiLD and went on to host weekend shows like The Sunday Night Session, Saturday Night Bomb and currently Recovery Sunday at 2pm every Sunday. He has his passion for radio and entertaining the listeners.

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He might be a “new” face to the scene, but make no mistake Rich Ortiz knows the classics as well as what is currently hot in radio these days. This Bronx native was fortunate enough to grow up listening to a variety of musical genius’ as well as radios pioneers.
While attending college Rich threw parties and would DJ house parties to make ends meet. What once started out as a side job to make extra cash ended up turning out to be a lucrative business of hosting and party planning as the years went on. Catch him on your airwaves on the weekends at WILD 94.1

@Richie_Ortiz on all socials


Cam that Dude was born in Sherman, Texas and raised in Memphis, TN. A natural-born baseball player, he became enamored with radio in 2012 after hearing the stories about the greats like Tom Joyner, Sway amd Big Boy. While living in Tampa, Florida, he met WiLD’s Buckwheat at a club event – it was then that Cam knew it was WiLD or bust for him! His goal is to become the first black host of a nightly talk show on NBC or CBS. He currently lives in Clearwater, Florida with his wife.

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