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We Hear Gun Safety But Where’s People Safety

5 days ago, in Clearwater, the gun wasn’t the problem. It was probably in a closet, a gun case, or on a rack, doing what guns do.  Waiting for an emergency.  The problem is the person WITH the gun.  The 2nd Amendment argument is for this behavior.  Gun safety protects us from firearms but where’s the safety from people and bad decisions?  Thank you Stacey Gordon, for sharing this.  Let’s say a service vendor is blocking your driveway, does he deserve to be shot?  Does his daughter deserve to be spoken to this way, while threatening her dad with death?  As we’ve all witnessed acts of insane, gun violence, are we sincerely okay with a weapon being brandished, in response to a driveway being blocked?  Cowboys didn’t do that so it can’t be standard right here in Clearwater.

You Can’t Threaten to Shoot A Person for Sloppy Parking.

When taught how to handle a firearm, responsibly, you’re told a few things to ensure gun safety.  “Don’t pull it unless you are going to use it” is one lesson. Also “if you are in fear for your life, protect yourself”.  You can protect you home, your land, your domicile but in this video, none of those admonishments are followed.  If we’re in the guessing business, I’d put my money on the homeowner not valuing the landscaper’s life at all.  “I’ll shoot you dead”?  That’s gun safety?  Protecting your driveway? That’s gun safety? We all deserve the right to protect our families, our property, but where do we find people safety?  Seeing replies like “bet he’ll watch where he parks next time” is heartbreaking.  Is this where we are now?  Chief Slaughter?  Sheriff Gualtieri? Is this where we are?  While discussing gun safety, can we get people safety also?

Meredith, Davi, Orlando and whoever else, check out this video of a man and his daughter running a legit business and this deranged guy comes out and pulls a gun on them for being parked slightly in front of his driveway while mowing his neighbors lawn.

Posted by Stacey Gordon on Thursday, July 7, 2022