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DJ Khaled Joins The Cast Of "Bad Boys For Lif3"

He's got a new album on the way, he's judge on the The Four, & now DJ Khaled has just landed a role in the upcoming Bad Boys 3 movie! Khaled has never won a Grammy but, he's eyeing the Oscars! Khaled will join Will Smith & Martin Lawrence in next years, Bad Boys For…

Stripper Throws A Shot Glass At Customer

Damn!!! A dude got slapped and had a shot glass throw at him because he told a stripper he didn't want a lap dance. Here's what went down. The guy was with his friend, when the stripped offered them a private lap dance they said no. The stripper told the guy they were racist and…

Netflix Is Going UP

Seems like the prices is going up on everything. Now its happen with Netflix apparently to $13 next month. Click here for more info about Netflix.