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Thank You Trans-Siberian Orchestra

With Orlando's Toy Drive a full day behind us, we must start this week with thank you Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  The ending tally reached well past last year's gift card donations of $86k.  Actually, this year doubled the previous number in the most touching way.  If you aren't aware, toy drive takes a lot of talking.  We do the morning show until 10am and then it's left on myself to paint a picture.  If I'm being honest, we come up with most of it on the fly, to sum up the emotion of the moment.  All week, I found "help us do God's work by helping The Children's Home Network" said it best.  I do believe all of the work put into the toy drive, is just that.  God's work!  Listeners from as far as Champions Gate, North Port, Ocala, all giving is incredible to see. However, a higher power offered more convincing and that came from the sweetest conversation. Thank you Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The Queen of T.S.O. For those who aren't aware, the original guitarist of Trans-Siberian Orchestra was Paul O'Neil and his widow is who donated a very large check.  However her conversation, with me was so much more impactful.  We talked a lot about my faith, her faith, and how "all things work together for good".  It reminded me of chats with my mom.  All of this was out of the blue. Unexpected to say the least.  This audio is being shared because moments like this don't happen often.  They should though.  This audio came after my talk and the sentiment touched many more, right after.  Thank you Trans-Siberian Orchestra. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

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