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The Freakshow went ‘Over The Edge’ for Gigi’s Playhouse Tampa!

Gigi’s Playhouse is the only network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers that provides FREE, life-changing therapeutic, educational and career training programs for 30,000+ individuals of all ages with Down Syndrome.

Over The Edge is one of their big charity events that Gigi’s Playhouse puts on every year. When signed up you rappel down a 12-story building while overlooking the gorgeous Tampa Bay view.

Orlando nominated Davy, Meredith and Mark to all rappel down the 12-story building but not everyone was happy about the decision. Davy was the only one super excited to do it but Meredith and Mark were apprehensive. Rich Ortiz from WiLD’s promotions department stepped in for Orlando to rappel down the building for him.

Davy and Rich were the first ones to walk down the building and right afterwards it was Meredith and Mark’s turn. Out of everyone only one person decided they couldn’t go through with it last minute!

Who do you think it was??? Watch the video below to find out!