Netflix Is Going UP

Seems like the prices is going up on everything. Now its happen with Netflix apparently to $13 next month. Click here for more info about Netflix.    

6ix9ine Keeping busy While In Prison

Life has changed for Tekashi 6ix9ine in last few months but he staying busy. Been locked up for last few months he is still making music, yet still writing music for his next album. Apparently he is still doing over things too. Just check this click here to see what else he still doing.

Man Decapitated By Helicopter At Tampa Airport!!!

This story is crazy!!! A man was killed Thursday afternoon after being decapitated by a helicopter! It all happened at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport when a man named Salvatore Disi was trying to jumpstart the helipcopter when it “suddenly jerked up and then came down." The main rotor blades then struck Disi in the head…

The Punisher Trailer

Get ready to binge watch The Punisher on Jan. 18th. Just hope it doesn't get cancel like the other Marvels series. Jessica Jones is the only one that we don't know the future for. Dare Devil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist got cancel last year. Hope your ready for bloody season for The Punisher. Check…

Host or Nah for the Oscar?!?!

Oscars is really change it up this year. With this void of if Kevin Hart will come back to host the Oscars. Well it looks like there is a change of heart or they they can come to agreement about it this year. Keep this in mind, its been nearly 3 decades since their been…