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A Career Instead of A Job

When you hear the Tampa Police Department is looking for you, that’s scary.  This search has more carrot than stick with our own TPD heading into an intense recruitment campaign, for the future of Tampa’s protection.  Last Saturday, I talked with Master Patrol Officer Frank Noel and he told me he’s heading to multiple cities to recruit.  I had no idea that graduates and officers, come from all over to join our Tampa PD.  I thought locals but the pool is a lot bigger.  When asked what they’re looking for, his answer was “diversity”!  Frank continued: “we want strong candidates to reflect our diverse community”.  As the city grows in Championships (see: Champa Bay), the DNA of the city does as well.  As civic leaders point out changes needed, in policing, diversity has been a loud cry.  Therefore the need is apparent for more black and brown officers and Tampa is taking steps to provide that and more.

 Wait, Did You Say Benefits?

Upon looking into the benefits offered, I was surprised that you can earn $19.50 per hour, while in the academy!  Once hired, your starting salary is $60,257 per year, after completing the police recruit scholarship program.  How many gigs start at that number and can land you just shy of $100k ($97,843) after 10 years, as as Tampa Police Officer?  There are all kinds of questions, so Officer Noel has promised to come in and join the show.  Growing up with Lake County Sheriff Turner (Grant’s dad), on one side of my house and Gary Police Officer Bandy (Nookie’s dad) on the other had an effect on me.  Every kid deserves the product of those relationships.  I’m glad that our Tampa Police Department is looking for you, wherever you are reading this, to help that happen.

Apply online at the above link (tampa.gov/police) between October 1 – 31.

Find Franks answers and his own story, right here.

8-25-22 Interview Tampa Police Department Frank T. Noel II, Master Patrol Officer About Recruitment


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