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I’m sure, just like many others, when you heard of Darcy Krueger (the 17 y/o student who was made to leave the homeschool homecoming dance because she wore a one-piece, pants jumper), you were as confused and sad as we were. The story went viral, putting her tale of unfairness all over the national news landscape. While people asked why, we kept thinking what about the moment that she lost?


While we couldn’t replace her homecoming dance, we put the minds of Orlando & The Freakshow together to try and put a few great moments together for Darcy. We found her a personal glam squad, had a chariot waiting to whisk her away to a bit of fine dining, and scored a pair of awesome seats from Team Ari, so it looked like The Homecoming Dance Re-do was on!!! Darcy and her guest turned up in the Friends & Family section of the Ariana Grande “Sweetener Tour” for a night they’ll remember over the insanely archaic rules of the homecoming dance gatekeepers. I don’t know, but it looks like Darcy had her moment, indeed, and thoroughly rocked her jumper which makes it so much sweeter. Thank you to Darcy’s mom, Melissa Krueger, Republic Records, Blowbar Express. KDLR Beauty Labs, Fleming’s and Tampa Limo & Car, and Team WiLD for another moment, for the books. You guys looked red carpet ready, way to go Darcy.

Check out some of her pics of her night.