50 Cent Attended A Diddy Roast In Hopes Of Seeing Diddy

50 Cent is a committed hater. The rapper, actor, and producer admits he attended a Diddy roast in Miami, Florida, recently in hopes that he could see him get flamed. (Photo by Derek White/Getty Images for STARZ) The Diddy Roast Per Hot New Hip Hop, the Power executive producer made an appearance at the event at the Dead Flamingo Pop-Up in Little Havana. Confirming the news on Instagram via a now-deleted post, he joked that he brought his "shooters" with him but clarified he meant videographers. "Yes, I was in attendance I thought puffy might show up because I saw Tom Brady at his," he wrote initially. "He didn’t come, I had the shooters get your mind out gutter videographers what!" Fiddy noted in a new clip, "This was some cool s--- to see in person, and the proceeds went to victims of sexual assault." Fans commented on the ruthlessness of it and said, "50 running a victory lap all over again [laughing emoji]." Added another, One thing clear all this time is don’t cross 50th Path in a wrong way. [smiling emoji] he’s not letting to rest [smiling emoji, flame emoji]." A third wrote, "50 holding Puffy hate conventions.made my day [laughing emoji]." Partying in Miami prior to the roast, 50 attended a club and shared a video compilation of his fun night out. There were signs that fans in the comments section took note of that read: "Diddy Do It" and "50 Was Right." As one person put it, "Diddy did it signs lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo goes crazyyyyy [laughing emojis]." This isn't the only time 50 has trolled Diddy recently. Last month, he joked that [inlink id="50-cent-says-jay-z-is-hibernating" text="Jay-Z is in hiding until Diddy's sexual allegations"] blow over. Amid the numerous allegations Diddy is facing, 50 [inlink id="cassie-shares-a-statement-diddy-video" text="previously revealed"] he's working on a documentary about the situation called Diddy Do It? However, many fans seemed to be quite upset with 50 for another reason on X (formerly Twitter). Michael Rainey Jr., who stars as Tariq in the Power series, said he was "still processing" being sexually assaulted during a livestream this week. In a since-deleted post, 50 stated: "Wait sexual assault [sad emoji] from a male perspective this was an aggressive advance. LOL HE’s fine no charges are being pressed. [shrugging emoji]." One person wrote: "The fact that 50 Cent came out and said Michael Rainey (Tariq from Power) was NOT sexually assaulted and that’s he’s fine when he clearly felt uncomfortable and immediately left when that girl touched him in his private parts is part of the problem in todays society. Women can be predators too. Women can sexually assault others as well and women need to be held accountable. If he did that to her his whole life and career would be up in FLAMES. We have to protect our young black men too!" Added another: "This is the same 50 cent who’s supposed to be exposing Diddy for predatory behavior. He’s such a charlatan and opportunist."

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