Cardi B Addresses Kanye West ‘Illuminati Plant’ Comment

Cardi B has responded in a resurfaced clip from 2018 where Kanye West called the Bronx rapper an "industry plant" by the "Illuminati." The "Illuminati" refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society that lasted for a decade (1776 to 1785). In the modern day, the term is often used in the media industry where some people believe that artists sell themselves to this "secret society" in order to be successful. "Cardi B is a plant by the Illuminati," Ye said in the clip. "She don't write her raps. She just there to sound as ignorant as possible and then make songs like, 'f--- them and get some money.' She has literally replaced Nicki Minaj, purposely that they put her there, and now she doesn't know what to do, and she has no idea what the f--- is going on. She thinks it's just a blessing from the universe. It ain't no blessing from the universe." When the footage began to surface on X (formerly known as Twitter), Cardi shared a clip of a 2022 interview that the Donda rapper did with Jason Lee where he praised her artistry. The tweet has been since deleted. "I’ve always believed in her since she was on the show," said Ye, referring to the "Up" rapper's time on Love & Hip Hop: New York. Kanye Goes Off On Teyana Taylor, Nas, & Pusha T It's not a shock that Cardi gave Ye a pleasant response since the two ended up working together shortly after Ye's interview with Lee aired. Cardi enlisted Ye and Lil Durk for her 2022 song "Hot S---." However, Cardi is not the only person Ye targeted on those resurfaced clips. The Chicago native took shots at Teyana Taylor, Nas, and Pusha T while on the phone with Scooter Braun. "The f--- I'm doing giving 'Wanna Love You' to f---ing Teyana? What the f--- am I doing giving that Daytona album to Pusha? What the f--- I'm doing bro?," said Kanye. "That s--- was three Dark Fantasies that I gave away. 'Cops Shot the Kid,' Nas rapping all god damned offbeat on it and don't even want to shoot a video. Then shoot the video and don't even tell me." He continued, "These muthaf---ers don't appreciate me. These muthaf---ers are trying to use me. I'm the greatest muthaf---ing artist living, and I can do everything." [select-listicle listicle_id="619307" syndication_name="hip-hop-documentaries-artists-to-stream-now" description="no"]

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