It’s only March and there have been so many plane crashes in Florida! Why is this? Are pilots not getting enough or the proper training before getting their license?  Did the planes not get checked thoroughly before leaving for takeoff? One of the crashes that happened this year took place in Clearwater which is about 30 minutes from where I live in St. Petersburg. All of these crashes involved small planes, and this  has added to my fear of flying on them.

Are You A Person That Is Afraid To Fly?

Even though Im scared to fly on small planes, I fly commercial a lot. I have no fear of flying on big planes. In January of this year, I flew back home to Detroit and sat next to someone who was afraid to fly. They were hyper ventilating the whole time. Luckily it was only a 2 hour flight, and I ended up sleeping through most of it.

Fear of flying is pretty common and effects 40 percent of the U.S. population. Most of those people will suck it up and fly. 5 percent of those people however will avoid it all together. I know Whoopie Goldberg is one of those people. If she cant get there by bus, she will not go. She travels from New York to Los Angeles a lot and has 2 hire 2 drivers. She says the drivers work in shifts and she can get there in 23 hours.

Flying Is Still Safer Than Driving

According to the Andrew Pickett Law Firm, there are more than 1k car accidents that happen per day in Florida. So while I do understand peoples fear of flying, it’s still more dangerous to travel by car. Are you an American that has a fear of flying? Did you get over it? Feel free to email me, [email protected]. I want to hear your story.

10 Florida Plane Crashes That happened in 2024

  • Plane Crashed In The Florida Everglades

    On January 23rd, a single-engine Cessna crashed in the everglades. This tragic accident happened right off I-75 near Weston. Two men were on this plane and unfortunately they were killed.

  • Plane Crashed In A Clearwater Mobile Home Park

    On February 1st, three people were killed after a plane crashed into a mobile home park in clearwater. The pilot had reported engine failure and was only 3 miles from the nearest runway, but could not make it.  The victims were identified as the pilot, and two people who were on the ground.

  • Plane Crashed On I-75 In Naples

    On February 9th a Bombardier Challenger 600 jet crashed on the southbound Interstate of I-75 in Naples. Sadly this crash killed both pilots who were on board. There were three passengers on the plane and they survived.


  • Crash Happened Near DeLand

    On February 16th, A Cessna 172 lost power and crashed into the woods off  Marsh Road near DeLand.  According to the Volusia county sheriffs office, the pilot was “alert and conscious and able to walk away from the aircraft reporting minor injuries.”


  • Seaplane crashed Off The Port Of Miami

    On February 23rd, a seaplane crashed off the Port Of Miami and Im happy to report that there were no fatalities or injuries.


  • Plane Makes Emergency Crash Landing In Cape Coral

    On February 24th a small plane made an emergency crash landing on a Cape Coral residential road. There was only a pilot on board and he walked away with no injuries. 

  • Man Tries To Steal Plane From Airport But Crashes It Before It Take Off

    A Southwest Florida man tried to steal a plane from Page field but ended up crashing it into the  airport’s perimeter fence.

  • Sanford Plane Crashed Into Another Plane

    According to airport officials, a plane landed short and crashed into another one that was parked at the Orlando Sanford International Airport on Feb. 28th. Thankfully nobody was hurt in this incident.


  • Difficult Landing For Small Plane In Southwest Florida

    On February 28th a private aircraft had collapsed landing gear while landing at page field. Thankfully nobody was hurt or injured.


  • Plane Crashed In Key Largo

    On March 1st, a plane crashed onto the golf course in Key Largo. there was only one pilot on the plane and he was taken to the hospital. His condition is still unknown.  

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