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Slang terms have been used for a long time, especially over different generations. Over time these terms have been changed, shortened, and updated but some of them have meant the same thing, but said differently. Even Millennials had their own slang but nowadays things have definitely switched and been updated. For some parents, it’s hard to keep up with the new verbiage. That’s why we made this list to keep you updated according to USAToday‘s new list.

What Are The 6 Most Common Slang Terms Used By Teens:

We’re trying to keep you updated with the hottest slang terms that teens are using everywhere. That way you can understand what they’re saying and keep up with everything. Millennials added the words Boomer and Extra but with GenZ things are different. You might hear your teens constantly saying the word Bruh and it makes you mad but in fact, they normally don’t mean it disrespectfully. It’s just a response that’s similar to saying the word Brother. Whether you live in Florida or in California these slang terms are being used across the nation and world.

One great example of a slang word that is used all the time is the word “Sus.” This slang word is short for suspicious used by teenagers in 2023. All this information is according to parents that were surveyed. Sus gained popularity online and the survey said that 62% of teenagers use the word.

  • Bet

    We’ve been hearing teens use the word BET for a while now. If you’re not sure what it means we break it down for you! Bet is the equivalent to saying agreed or yes. Teens will make plans or hear and idea and if they like it they’ll reply with saying the word bet.

  • Sus

    This word is pretty easy if you don’t know what it means. Sus means something looks suspect or is suspicious. A good way to use this work in a sentence is saying, “The way you’re acting is pretty sus.”

    Upset confused young woman suing mobile phone reading text message

  • Cap

    You have most definitely heard teens use this word everywhere! Cap or cap’n means you’re lying about something. If you know someone is false that means it’s cap.

  • Yeet

    Now this word could potentially confuse you so we get it. Yeet is an exclamation of excitement. When someone likes something you did or gets excited about it. Or if you’re feeling surprised or high energy you use the word yeet. It’s also often issued when doing a dance move or throwing something.

  • Salty

    This describes someone who is feeling bitter or mad about something that happened. Pretty easy to understand. You’re salty about losing that game is a good example.

    Angry asian gamer man. He lose in the game. Missed the chance to become a champion in tournament. Unhappy upset Indian streaming video game online and lost.

  • Bruh

    Bruh is short for the word brother. A male friend. But you can use it in different ways. A lot of kids call their parents male or female ‘bruh’ to express themselves when trying to understand something. It became popular in 2014 from this viral vine.

  • Word

    If you haven’t heard this one then you’ve been living under a rock. When you say ‘word’ it means okay or cool. Basically whatever was just said is understood. So you end the sentence with saying word.

    teen kid

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