If there’s one thing people in Florida are used to, it’s school canceling for hurricane days! If you live up north, your little ones might be doing the song thing but for snow days. Either way being locked in the house can take a toll on everyone and boredom might set in. With Hurricane Idalia making its way up the coast many people are hunkering down. During this time, it could make you feel anxious or stressed. If you have little kids it’s great time to have multiple options to distract everyone. Whether you have power or not these options will work for you!

Activities for Hurricane Days:

When hunkering down parents should also focus on how to entertain their kids during the storm to pass the time. Having lots of different things to do can make them feel creative and less stressed about a hurricane that’s coming. Arts and crafts are a great way to put them to work and use their minds while being creative at the same time. The last thing you want to hear during a hurricane is “I’m Bored” every two minutes. That’s why we’ve put together a list of options so you can keep the kids having fun, being creative and out of your hair. Big storms are stressful enough on parents the last thing you need is the little ones driving you nuts.

Normally, going outside would be an option on this list during a hurricane you might not want to risk going on a walk. You never know when the weather can change quickly and it could become dangerous. Sometimes you don’t know if you’ll be trapped inside for two days or more and losing power could be happen as well. So, if you’re looking for activities to hold over the kids until the storm passes? Here are some ideas! Scroll down for 7 activities the kids will love while stuck in the house during a hurricane.

  • Built A Fort

    Get all your blankets and pillows together! It’s time to put together a fort with the help of the entire family. You can make them big or small but either way it’s a lot of fun and don’t forget the flash lights.

    Building playing kids children family parents

  • Arts and Crafts

    You could have a crafting contest to see who creates the best animal. Or set and timer and see who can color the fastest while staying in the lines. Either way creating artwork is always fun and passes by the time.

    artwork workplace with creative accessories, art tools for painting

  • Dance Party

    The perfect way to get out some of the extra energy with the kids. It can be tough sitting around the house with nothing to do. But if you still have power or a battery-operated radio a dance party is the best!

    Dance party kids

  • Read A Book

    Who doesn’t love story time? Pick out everyone favorite book and enjoy a good story out-loud. Or better yet, open a new book and take everyone through a new adventure.

    read book teacher class kids

  • Card and Board Games

    You probably have a bunch of games sitting around the house you rarely use. Time to take them out and enjoy some fun playing a fun game!

    Fed up mother scolds her young kids while they do not obey mother

  • Yoga And Relaxation Time

    Bring out a sleeping bag, bring it into the living room for a fun movie! If you don’t have power, you can always teach the kiddos some yoga moves and see if they can copy you. Even slow stretching can be fun and a good healthy way to waste some time.

    yoga, stretching

  • Safe Space For Animals

    This is specifically for animal lovers. If you have a cat or dog they might be scared during the storm. Let the kids help create a safe nice cozy place for them to cuddle up. Maybe even a good brushing and petting could help calm their nerves.

    cat comfort hug

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