We want to make sure you don’t live your life with regret. It’s important to ask your mom important question to get to know her on a different level. After someone close to you passes, you realize how much time you wasted talking about unimportant things. You might wish you got to know that person on more of a personal level. If you’re still lucky enough to still have your mom around then asking some deep questions might bring you closer together. InvestingGoal put together a list of several questions you can ask your mother to get to know her better.

7 Deep Questions To Ask Your Mom:

Some of these questions can go back to her childhood or bring back old memories she hasn’t thought about in years. Maybe no one ever cared enough to ask her how she felt about family or childhood. As human we go through so many different phases. Some happen so quickly or they’re so rough you might not remember them. Asking your mother about her first year becoming a mother is a great way to get to know her better. Becoming a mom for the first time is such a monumental moment. All the feelings you have questioning yourself and not understanding what’s right and wrong. If you have your own children you both can find an understanding of the difficulty.

What about hidden family secrets that people have been keeping quiet for years? Some families promise not to tell anyone but there’s others she might have always wanted to tell you. You never know what kind of answer you’re going to get to make sure you prepare yourself for a crazy answer. Read below for seven creative questions you can ask your mother before it’s too late.

  • What's The Best And Worst Thing About Getting Older?

    Aging can be difficult for some people and most especially women. Watching their beauty fade as they get wiser is a harder adjustment. She might drop some knowledge on you that you didn’t know before. Gives you a little more perspective on life.

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  • How Was Your First Year Of Motherhood?

    You first year as a new mom can be the most difficult! Not having and internet at your fingertips when things are wrong with your kid must have been hard. Or maybe you’ll find out she went through some depression. Definitely ask this question to find out how her adjustment period went being a new mom.

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  • Are There Any Family Secrets You've Helped Keep Quiet?

    Oh, this could lead to a very interesting conversation! Be prepared to hear something that might leave you shocked. Or maybe it’s just a sad situation you never knew about. She might need to be comforted during this big reveal if she’s open enough.

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  • What's Your Happiest Memory Of Us?

    Your favorite will most likely be totally different than hers. It could be something sweet from when you were a small child and life was very innocent. Ask this one but pick one from your past to show the difference.

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  • What's The Nicest Thing I've Ever Done For You?

    Buying her a special gift might be your go to answer for this but she might pick something totally different. It could’ve been a macaroni necklace you made for her when you were just a small child. You never know what she’ll say when asked this question.

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  • What Do You Wish For Your Kids In Their Future?

    Most mother’s will say they want you to be healthy or successful but you might be surprised to learn she has a different opinion. She might want you to have a bigger family or even find a different love.

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  • After You're Gone, What's The One Thing You Want Me To Remember The Most?

    This might bring up a memory you never thought was significant before. Something might stand out as important that you didn’t know. Talking about these things can bring you closer together.

    mother, mom, love

  • Do You Have Any Regrets?

    Everyone lives with something they wish they didn’t do or weren’t apart of. Asking this question can go a little deep but could bring you closer together. Everyone regrets something!

    mother, mom, love

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