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Unsolved murder mysteries are always so sad and frustrating especially for the families. These unsolved cases out of Florida need your help to solve them. All these stories from the past that cast a perpetual shadow over the halls of justice. This can happen in any city, and every corner of the world, these unsolved murder mysteries rarely have closure and that’s why police ask for the publics help.

Biggest Unsolved Murder Mysteries In Florida:

Many police officers and detectives often revisit these cold cases to crack open the case and find something new. The yellow crime scene videos and photos are scrutinized and gone through hoping to find an answer. These cases have always been difficult to figure out with potential answers hiding in plain sight for years. Families of the victims, are still dealing with losing their loved one. They are continuously clinging to hope that justice will eventually prevail. These cases stand as a testament to the resilience of justice. Just waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to align and the guilty people are caught. ClickOrlando went through several of these cold cases in depth to help find answers.

These unsolved murder mysteries mentioned below go in depth about each situation. According to Project Cold Case, there have been 340,000 homicides and manslaughter cases between 1965 to 2021. It’s sad that so many cases go cold and there’s not enough evidence or people to come forward to help. Many people don’t want to get involved and they think it will make them look like the guilty ones. With you help many of these murder mysteries could be sold. If you have any tips or have information to help any of these cases report it! Listed below is information for you to contact each local police department. Any info could bring closure to these tortured families. Scroll down to read about these famous unsolved murder mystery in Florida.

  • 1984: Woman’s Body Discovered In Orange County Neighborhood

    Just last year, the Orange County Police Department got one step closer to identifying this woman. Her body was found in a local neighborhood back in November 1984. She was discovered shot and her body sadly, dumped at the spot with no one else around at the time. Detectives recently made headway in the case after making a digital renderings of her face and clothes. If you know anything about this case please contact the Crimeline at 800-423-8477 or email the cold case team at [email protected].

  • 1990: Roberta “Bobbie” Lynn Weber In Ormond Beach

    Skeletal remains of a woman were found in April 1990 in Ormond Beach. Investigators think the woman initially named “Jane Doe “because they couldn’t identify her was murdered three-to-eight weeks prior. A digital image was made of her face and what it might have looked like back in 2015. In September 2023, detectives and forensic genealogists finally managed to pin her as Roberta “Bobbie” Lynn Weber. If you have any information please contact the Major Case Unit at 386-254-1537 or email [email protected].

  • 1995: Strangled Mother Discovered Wearing Only Underwear

    In 1995, Maria Telles-Gonzalez dead body was discovered inside a drainage ditch in South Carolina. Investigators say she had just gotten back from a trip to Puerto Rico. She was at home alone with her husband after her kids went off to school. When her body was found she was only wearing underwear. Shockingly, no one reported her missing for nearly 30 years. Recently, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced that a man known as “Carlos” could be a witness in the case. If anyone has information contact Detective Bromage at 843-816-8013 or email at [email protected].

  • 1997: Boat Man Bound And Dumped In Water

    In 1997, a body later identified as Robert Bruce McPhail, was bound, shot, and stabbed multiple times. His body was dumped in the water not far from Sea Ray Drive. Investigators made facial approximation of McPhail to help with information. Police said “Bruce” and had a passion for boats and need to publics help. Anyone with information contact [email protected] or Detective Sarah Scalia at [email protected] or 386-313-4911.

  • 2016:

    On June 24, 2016, detectives found Laura Cuni’s body inside an office closet at a Public Storage location. She was held hostage and beaten to death inside. She was the office manager for 15 years and lived with her girlfriend above the storage facility. The victim’s partner told police that Cuni briefly went upstairs to the apartment looking odd and asked for her girlfriend’s for her cellphone. “She says if you don’t give me your cell phone they’re going to kill me,” said Detective Michelle Mullen, Miami-Dade Police Department. Hours later she was found dead. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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