I live in St. Petersburg and it is currently 70 degrees, that’s not too bad right? Well this morning when I got in my car it was 63 degrees. Im sorry, but in Florida that is COLD! I really have to stop complaining however because it can get much colder. ” Florida’s Coldest Temperature In History May Surprise You.” You will be shocked when you see it below.

Are You From Up North But Living In Florida?

Every time I complain about how cold it is in Florida, people always say “But you’re from up North.” I despise when people say that to me, because what does that even mean? I have not lived in Michigan full time since 2012. My blood has adapted to Florida.

It’s been chilly here in Florida and I’m literally running out of winter clothes. Leggings and big sweaters are all I have. When I went to Detroit recently for the Bucs/Lions Game, I had to borrow one of my step-moms coats. Winter coats are no longer apart of my wardrobe but It’s looking like I may just have to buy one and leave it in the back of my closet. I at least still have my Ugg boots!

Florida’s Coldest Temperature In History

So when I first saw how cold it once got in Florida , I almost fell out. I could not imagine it being that cold here. When people move to Florida we move here for the nice weather! I always say it should never get below 70 degrees.

Sadly, It has gotten way below 70 degrees. It was actually in the negative once here before. What is the coldest temperature you have ever experienced in Florida? Feel free to email me Below are the coldest Temperatures In History that 5 States have ever seen.  I have also included Florida in this list below. This information was obtained from the National Centers For Environmental Information.

  • California

    I lived in California for one year! It was for 8th grade but I had the time of my life. The coldest it’s ever been in California is -45 Degrees Fahrenheit. It happened in 1930 in the city of Boca.

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  • Michigan

    I lived in Michigan for most of my childhood and the winters in Michigan were very cold. In Michigan it got -51 Degrees Fahrenheit. It was this temperature in 1934 in Vanderbilt.

     (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

  • Georgia

    My parents live in Georgia and they love it. The coldest it’s ever been in Georgia was -17 degrees Fahrenheit in 1940.

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  • Ohio

    Ohio home of the college team that I cant stand. Just kidding ( lol) The coldest it’s ever been in Ohio is -39 degrees in the city of Milligan.

     (Photo by Mark A. Stahl/Getty Images)


  • Florida

    I cannot believe that it was ever this cold here in the great state of Florida. Back in 1899 it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit in the city of Tallahassee. Yes, you read that right -2 degrees. I would ask you how it felt then, but no one alive is reading this.

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