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Visiting Orlando might sound like a dream come true for most families especially if you’re going on vacation. It’s important you stay safe at whether you are visiting for a short vacation or about to move to the area. Picking a good neighborhood to stay while in Orlando is a smart idea. According to AreaVibes, crime can be a problem in Orlando, Florida especially the areas right outside of the theme park areas.

How To Stay Safe In Dangerous Neighborhoods In Orlando:

First and foremost, you need to prepare for the extremely hot weather. A lot of families come down to Florida and they have no idea how hot it can get and so quick. But don’t forget about the humidity. Plan accordingly so no one gets dehydrated or sunburnt. Although, Orlando might not be known as a dangerous city, the outside surrounding areas can be. Always be aware of your surroundings. Staying off your phone when walking and lowering your headphones and help greatly. If you stay near popular areas like Disney World or Universal Studios you’ll be just fine. These companies spend an enormous amount on security and usually take extensive measures to make sure everyone is safe. In general, the theme park areas have the lowest crime rates in the city.

The next tip goes for anywhere you might be traveling but leave expensive things at home. If you did travel with it using the safe in your hotel or AirBnB is a good idea instead of leaving it in your car or walking around with it. Lastly, knowing where you’re heading ahead of time and using your GPS will help you from taking a wrong turn into a bad neighborhood. All these things combined will go a long way in order to keep you safe and happy.

These neighborhoods are ranked by the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people for each neighborhood. Then they’re compared to the Orlando violent crime average. The violent crimes listed include murder, rape, robbery and assault. Below are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida for 2023!

  • #1 Mercy Drive

    Population: 1,836
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 4,038
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 369%

    Emergency Response police cop car

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  • #2 North Orange

    Population: 986
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,995
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 248%

    Thief or burglar with handcuffs is arrested. Police lights in background.

    (Getty Royalty Free)

  • #3 Malibu Groves

    Population: 1,165
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,878
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 235%

    police, arrest, cop

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  • #4 Roosevelt Park

    Population: 484
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,479
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 188%

    police, cop, car, light

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  • #5 Johnson Village

    Population: 1,011
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,465
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 187%

    cop, police, officer, radio

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  • #6 Lake Sunset

    Population: 1,268
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,377
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 176%

    police, cop, caution tape

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  • #7 Rock Lake

    Population: 1,065
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,340
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 172%

    Emergency Response

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  • #8 Carver Shores

    Population: 1,389
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,215
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 157%

    caution tape, police, cop

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  • #9 Washington Shores

    Population: 1,024
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,193
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 155%

    arrest, police, cop

    (Getty Royalty Free)

  • #10 Lake Mann Gardens

    Population: 610
    Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 2,118
    More Crime Than In Orlando: 146%

    Emergency Response police cop car

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