I moved to St. Petersburg in 2019 and I must say, living in the Sunshine State has been fun! I have never gotten in trouble with the law but many of my friends have. The warm weather seems to have an impact on people and it’s not always good! Every day there is a “Florida Man/Woman” headline in the news.  Many of the stories are funny but sadly always involve crimes being committed.

Have You Ever Been Arrested?

Here Is The Most Committed Crime In Florida

According to the Florida Department Of Corrections, there are 143 correctional facilities throughout the state. Have you ever been to any of them? What were you locked up for and for how long? I know, Im asking a lot of questions right?  I love hearing prison stories. Feel free to email me [email protected] . If I share your story, I will keep you anonymous.

According to Prison Policy, The United States locks up more people per capita than any other nation. Basically that is 583 people per 100k residents.  There are currently over 1M people locked up in state prisons. When it comes to local jails there are currently 550K people locked up. Lastly in federal prisons and jails there are 208K people locked up.

Here Is The Most Committed Crime In Florida

Ok, so before looking below, what do you think is the most committed crime in Florida? I pretty much committed this crime, but I was able to get help before it was to late. No, I was not a  dealer but an addicted, and rehab was the best thing that ever happened to me. Have any ideas what it is yet? Many of us have fell victim to this crime or know someone who has.

Below  you will find the most committed crime in Florida. I have also included 4 other of the most committed crimes as well. This is according to research done by the Murphy’s And Downs Law Offices.

  • 1. Drug Crimes

    According to the FBI, 30% of arrest in Florida are due to drug crimes. Drug offenses consist of anything from trafficking to possession. The amount of drugs you are caught with will affect the charge and the sentence.

    Major Drugs Haul Seized By Federal Police Force

  • 2. Theft

    There is a theft committed every minute in Florida. This is all according to Florida Department Of Law Enforcement.

    theft steal

  • 3. Assault

    Assault is the 3rd most committed crime in Florida.  Even a threat of bodily harm made with an apparent ability to cause the harm is considered assault. The threat however must cause a fear of of injury.

    Policeman on crime scene . Red plastic tape and police officer, gun belt, handcuffs and gun.With a sunshine flare coming in.

  • 4. DUI

    DUI is the 4th most committed crime in Florida. You must have a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher for you to be impaired. The penalties are determined by many factors such as how many times you’ve gotten a DUI also death/injuries or property damage caused by the driving.

    Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday Drivers

  • 5. Aggravated Assault

     According to the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement an aggravated assault happens every nine minutes in Florida. 

    Police Make Arrest In BTK Murders

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