Raise your hand if you’re afraid of snakes!  Well, we love to do water activities here in Florida, so knowing which lake is mostly infested with snakes is important. “Here is the most snake-infested lake in Florida.”  Before looking can you guess which lake it is? This particular lake is about 2 hours from where I live in St. Petersburg.

There are only 6 venomous snakes that call Florida home

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission “most Florida snakes are harmless and beneficial and remove extra rodent populations. Even the venomous ones are not particularly dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise provoked.”

While 44 species of snakes live in Florida, only 6 are venomous. Those snakes include the Diamondback rattlesnake, canebrake rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, cottonmouth, copperhead, and the coral snake.

The Cottonmouth is the only venomous snake that lives predominantly in or near water. Sadly, cottonmouth snakes can be found in the Florida lake that is mostly infested with snakes. Click here to see exactly how a cottonmouth snake looks.

If you get bit by a cottonmouth/ water moccasin the symptoms include:  Swelling, pain, discoloration, fatigue, nausea, decreased blood pressure and trouble breathing.  Please seek medical attention immediately if you become a victim.

Snake encounters?

Have you ever had a crazy encounter with a snake. I just had one on Monday. As I was taking groceries into my house, there was a black snake that slithered across my porch.  I have no idea what kind of snake it was and when I went to look on my ring doorbell camera, I still could not identify it.

According to the Florida animal control management, if you see a snake make a note of it’s location and they will come to you and humanely remove the it from your house or place of business.

According to AZ Animals, Below are 5 of the most snake-infested lakes in the United States. Apart of the 6 lakes, is the most snake-infested lake in Florida.


  • Lake Hartwell

    Lake Hartwell is located in Georgia. There are many species in this lake but one you will want to avoid is the eastern copperhead. Eastern copperheads have a grayish/tan color with red hourglass shaped markings. They look like chocolate kisses from the side.

    Little kid swimming in the lake.

  • 2. Lake Gaston

    Lake Gaston is located in Virginia . The cottonmouth and copperhead are the most active snakes in or around Lake Gaston. The cottonmouth and copperhead are venomous snakes. 

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  • 3. Lake Texoma

    Lake Texoma is located in Texas! There are three types of venomous snakes common around Texoma Lake. They include cottonmouth, copperhead and three rattlesnake species.

    Campsite with orange tent.


  • 4. Lake Okeechobee

    Lake Okeechobee is the most snake-infested lake in Florida.  Lake Okeechobee is home to  34 of Florida’s 46 native snake species.  Yes, you can find the Cottonmouth in this lake! Please seek medical attention, if bitten by one.

    people enjoying the lake


  • 5. Lake Erie

    Lake Erie is located in Ohio and it’s water snake population is approaching  12,000. When the water snake is in the water,  it’s usually within about 150 yards from shore. The body is pale grey to dark brown.

    By Lake Geneva in Wisconsin


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