Looks are very subjective! What’s hot to you may not be hot to others. I had a chance to attend a Tampa Bay Rays game two weeks ago and there were so many hot men on the field. Are you a person that finds baseball players sexy? I talked about this on the radio last week and many ladies love the Tampa Bay Ray’s. I asked who the hottest players were and they had a lot to say. Below you will find “The Top 5 Hottest Tampa Bay Rays Players.” This list is based on the opinion of those who called into my radio show.

The Hottest Baseball Players Of 2024

Before we discuss the hottest Tampa Bay Rays players, I want to tell you about this list created by The Ranker website is a site where fans can vote and on this poll fans voted who the hottest baseball players in 2024 were. Im not familiar with the men who made top 5 but I agree with the fans! These are some sexy men!

  1. Max Kelper came in at number one. He plays for the Minnesota Twins and I just want to take a wiff of his curly hair (lol). He does not have an official Instagram page but you can check him out on on his fan one.
  2. Nolan Arenado comes in at number 2 ladies. He is a sexy third baseman who plays for the Colorado Rockies. Check out some of his sexy photos here.
  3. Kike Hernandez is sexy and he comes in at number 3. If they have the last name Hernandez, they usually are pretty hot. He is a utility player that plays for the Boston Red Sox.
  4. Javier Báez plays for the Detroit Tigers and I love his tattoo’s. Don’t take my word for it ladies, check him out for yourself here.
  5. George Springer has a nice butt and he comes in at number 5! He is an outfielder who plays for the Houston Astros. See his Instagram page here.

The Top 5 Hottest Tampa Bay Rays Players

Did you agree with the list? Feel free to email me [email protected]. As I said above, looks are very subjective. Below you will find the Top 5 hottest Tampa Bay Rays Players! Remember this is all according to listeners. Agree/Disagree? Email me at the address above.

  • Jose Alexander Siri

    Jose Alexander Siri is a hot 28 year old who plays Center Fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is 6’2, dark and handsome.

    Oakland Athletics v Tampa Bay Rays


  • Ben Rortvedt

    Ben Rortvedt is a 26 year old catcher from the Tampa Bay Rays. He is fine and apparently singer Dua Lipa thinks so as well. They were rumored to be dating back in December of 2023. Hopefully they are still together.

    Tampa Bay Rays v Colorado Rockies

  • Randy Arozarena

    Randy Arozarena is a left fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is for sure handsome but sorry ladies he is taken. His wife is beautiful. One lister said she would love to sleep with both of them (lol)

    Tampa Bay Rays v Miami Marlins

  • Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe is a right fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. Sadly, he just got engaged in December. Congrats to the couple but that won’t stop us from looking right?

    Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two

  • Taj Ali Bradley

    Taj Ali Bradley is a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s only 23 and seems so sweet and innocent. The cougars are going to love him.

    Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays


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