Alligators are known for their aggressive behavior and there’s been many encounters with humans in the new recently. Gators will most likely attack when they feel threatened. If you live in the state of Florida it’s important to understand their behavior and take necessary precautions to stay safe especially in alligator infested lakes.

Alligators are more active during warmer months mostly spring through summertime and they’ll be more aggressive when are protecting their nests or area. They will take advantage and exhibit predatory behavior towards smaller animals but could go after humans when they’re not paying attention. Although, attacks on humans are relatively rare it’s still important to stay cautious when encountering an aggressive alligator.

If you want to stay safe around alligators you should always maintain a safe distance. You should always stay at least 20 to 30 feet away which will help reduce the chance antagonizing aggressive response. Do not feed alligators! When people feed alligators they can lose their natural fear of humans and become more aggressive towards them when they’re in search for food. Always be cautious near water in Florida. You don’t know what’s under that water or hiding by the side of the lake. Alligators are skilled swimmers and can quickly run, swim and bite you within seconds. Also, make sure your pet is on a leash while taking a walk. Your little pet can attract alligators and potentially become targets for an attack.

If you are attacked there is something you can do! Make sure you target sensitive areas like their eyes and nose. They will naturally release their prey and escape if they become injured. It’s important to stay informed and minimize your interaction with alligators. Scroll down and see the most alligator infested lakes in Florida.

  • Lake Poinsett, Florida

    People like to hunt at this lake more than any other in Florida. It’s not a good idea to bring your small pets when visiting just in case an alligator wants to attack.

  • Sawgrass Lake, Florida

    Located in Tampa Bay this lake is full of nature apple snails, turtles, and snakes. This is a great spot to try and spot an alligator.

  • Lake Okeechobee, Florida

    Known as Florida’s Inland Sea it’s the state’s largest freshwater lake. It’s known to have at least 30,000 alligators! Which is crazy!

  • Alligator Lake, Florida

    Not far from Disney World this is a big fisherman spot. This lake has a ton of bass, bluegill and redear sunfish.

    Florida To Give Out 24-Hour Permits During Alligator Hunting Season

    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • Lake Kissimmee, Florida

    This is located lake in Osceola County, Florida. This area is rich with trails and lots of wildlife including ospreys, bobcats, and cranes.

  • Lake George, Florida

    Located in St. Johns River in Florida, Lake George is rich with plants, fish, and mammals. Florida Fish and Wildlife says the lake has about over 2,000 gators including bull gators.

  • Lake Jesup, Florida

    Alligators can be very dangerous and Lake Jesup is the most alligator-infested lake in America. It’s said there could be up to 13,000 gators in this lake or more.

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