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Winning the lottery is something most Americans dream of! Individuals head to their favorite grocery stores or gas stations in the hope that they’ll hit it big with a winning lottery ticket. The problem is, with all that extra money people usually blow through their new money too quickly. If they don’t go into debt sometimes their murdered in cold blood for their money. Greedy friends and family and their own wild spending bad things can happen. Lottery winners are commonly taken advantage of by scammers and even murdered.

According to the PalmBeachPost, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards said, “Nearly one-third of lottery winner go bankrupt.” Statistically, it’s even worse for people with low incomes. Here’s a list of the five biggest Florida Lottery winners who were murdered for their money! Scroll down…

Playing The Florida Lottery Scratch-Off:

We’ve always envisioned winning the lottery and dreamed about how we would spend the lump sum. We want to make sure you keep up with the largest Powerball jackpots so you know when to purchase the ticket! Did you know that the Florida Lottery keeps track all of the winners and tickets on their website? You might wonder why you haven’t been winning on your favorite tickets lately and it could be because some of them are harder to win than others. Playing can be super fun and exciting but you want to make you pick a ticket that has better odds to win. We’re super excited a Powerball ticket sold in Haines City is worth $5 million!

Why buying a Powerball ticket is fun:

Most scratch off tickets are usually impulse buys, depending how they look or where they’re placed but it’s smarter to make it a financial decision. The thrill of playing a scratch-off lottery ticket and uncovering a potential prize is what makes these tickets so exciting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large life-changing jackpot, the suspense keeps players coming back. Also, most of the games are easy to figure out. By making the game simple, it keeps it accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. They offer various themes and designs for all the different scratch-off tickets, which can promote popular brands or even events. One of their favorite add-ons is the puzzles and bonus games on the ticket. It seems to add an extra layer of entertainment while scratching off the game.

  • Jeffrey Dampier Jr. Won $20 Million

    Dampier moved to Tampa and wanted to open a gourmet popcorn store but was killed by his mistress, (who was also his sister-in-law) and her boyfriend. In 2005, Victoria Jackson and her boyfriend Nathan Jackson kidnapped Dampier and tied him up in a van. They beat him up, then Nathan handed Victoria a gun and said if you don’t shoot him I’m going to shoot you. That’s when she pulled the trigger and shot Dampier in the back of the head. They’re both serving life in prison.

  • Abraham Shakespeare Won $17 Million

    One of the most famous stories is about a janitor from Lakeland, Florida named Abraham Shakespeare who won a lump sum of $17 million. Shakespeare could barely read and write and ended up giving away a lot of his winnings over time. Dorice Donegan “Dee Dee” Moore befriended Shakespeare and became his financial advisor. Spending his money on a new million dollar house. She then killed shot him in the chest and buried him in the backyard. She then dumped a concrete lot on top of his body so police would never find him. She even faked writing letters to his mother to pretend that he was still alive. Dee Dee got life in prison for her terrible crimes. Coincidently, in 2017 Shakespeare’s mother, Antionette Andrews won $1 million in a $20 scratch-off lottery game.

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