We are 26 days into 2024 and this year I said I was going to get my finances in order. Winning the lottery could for sure help out with that. I play the lottery all of the time here in St. Petersburg and knowing which tickets to buy his helpful. “These Scratch-off tickets still have top prizes of $15M or better remaining.” You will find out below and hopefully become one of Florida’s newest Millionaires.

Have you ever won the lottery?

No matter the amount, have you ever won? The most I have won was $100 after spending $50. I know a woman down in Fort Myers who actually won $30K playing a Florida Lottery Scratch-off tickets. Then there is my friend James who won $7M. His family was already wealthy so this just added to his healthy bank account.

He was able to purchase a night club and open up his own air conditioning business. There are many people who think the lottery is a hoax and he would always say, “its not a hoax but you can’t win unless you play.” He also say’s if you win, watch who you tell right away. It’s best to get all of your affairs in order before letting it be known,  Do you have a good lottery success story? Feel free to email me [email protected].

These Scratch-Off Tickets Still Have Top Prizes Of $15M Or Better Remaining

$15M or more is a lot to win by playing the Florida Lottery. I hate buying scratch-off tickets that have no top  reaming prizes. If you ever want to know which one’s still have top remaining prizes, the Florida Lottery always updates the list on their website.

Below you will find the Scratch-off tickets that still have top remaining prizes of $15M or better remaining. Good luck and don’t forget about me if you win!

  • Florida 300X The Cash Game

    This Florida Lottery Scratch-off ticket cost $30. There are still 3 top prizes of $15M remaining.  See how the ticket looks here.

    Here Is What Will Happen To The $44M Florida Lottery Prize That Nobody Claimed


  • 500X The Cash

    The 500X The Cash Scratch-Off ticket still has 2 top prizes of $25M remaining. If you want to purchase this one, it cost $50.

    Florida Lottery Scratch Off Tickets You Might Want To Avoid

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