“This is the deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.” I know, headline sounds scary right. The holidays are coming up and I thought it may be important for all my fellow Florida drivers to know this information. I live in St.Petersburg but no matter where you live in our great state, accidents happen everywhere.

I was recently in an accident and Im glad that I only have minor injuries. With football and other exciting events coming up, there will be drinking involved. Please call an Uber or ride share service.

How do you know which holidays are the deadliest for Florida Drivers?

There was a new study done which revealed which US holidays are the most dangerous for drivers in Florida. This is all based on reported road fatalities during major holidays.  This research was produced by John Fitch who is a personal injury lawyer in Ohio. Fitch analyzed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data on fatal motor vehicle crashes .

Everyone celebrates during the holidays and celebrations always include alcohol. Not all of these fatalities are from drunk drivers, but many are. It sucks but when driving you also have to watch out for other people. It’s like you’re driving for other people on the road as well.


Thanks to everyone who checked on me after my accident. I was never in one like this before and it has changed the way I drive. Sadly I know have anxiety every time I get on the road. Is this normal? Have you ever been in a bad accident?

Im extra cautious now when driving and most importantly I make sure I always have on my seatbelt. With that being said, below are the 5 most deadliest holidays for Florida drivers. Included is also the most deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.

Source 1

Source 2

  • 5. Fourth of July

    Fourth of July is the 5th deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.

    Month of Fatalities: 7.8

    Day of Fatalities: 8.5

    % On-The-Day Change: 9

    Fireworks Burst Over New York City On Fourth Of July

  • 4. New Years Day

    New Years Day is the 4th deadliest holiday for drivers in Florida.

    Month of Fatalities:9.1

    Day of Fatalities: 10.8

    % On-The-Day Change: 19

    The UK Welcomes In The New Year With Firework Displays And Parties

  • 3. Labor Day

    Labor Day is the 3rd deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.

    Month of Fatalities: 8.6

    Day of Fatalities: 22.9

    % On-The-Day Change: 166

    Immigrants Hold Marches Across U.S. On May Day

  • 2. Christmas

    Christmas is the 2nd deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.

    Month of Fatalities:9.8

    Day of Fatalities: 28.5

    % On-The-Day Change: 190

    Santa Passes Out Presents On The Beach In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 1. Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving comes in at number one as the deadliest holiday for Florida drivers.

    Month of Fatalities: 9.5

    Day of Fatalities: 35.7

    % On-The-Day Change: 274

    Volunteers Serve Thanksgiving Meal To Thousands At Washington Convention Center

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