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Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Reactions, News, Upcoming Events and Movies!

Speedy Jr, Tarik Lewis and Joey Franchize talk about everything Nerd today! Captain Marvel Trailer, Shang Chi Movie, Stan Lee, Daredevil Netflix, Disney Plus, Spider Man Into The Spider Verse, Fantastic Beasts, Dragon Ball, Bumble Bee, Aquaman, Arrowverse, and Deadpool

Laszlo Tamasfi Creator of Caliber Comics Horror Anthology "The Observatory" Interview!

Live interview with Laszlo Tamasfi Creator of The Observatory, being released as volume 4 of the Caliber Presents series! It's a Lovecraftian, Twilight Zone inspired book with lots of very short, but strange stories to keep you up at night!

Venom Spoiler Discussion, News and Rumors

Some more Venom discussion, and take on the 2 post credit scenes of Carnage and Into The Spiderverse, Glass New Trailer, Aquaman Extended Trailer, Titans Mixed Revies, Avengers 4 leaked costume pics, James Gunn to Write Suicide Squad 2, Secret Six Tv Show, Spider Man Far From Home Poster, Spider geddon, and Spider Man PS4…