One of the reasons the holidays are so much fun is because of the decorations! Who doesn’t like Christmas lights and a big beautiful Christmas tree?!

However, we don’t recommend going all Clark Griswold. Think safety first!

Here are some things to keep in mind when decking your halls for the holidays:

  • Check and recheck your holiday lights to make sure they are safe to put around trees outside and in your home.
  • Use outdoor lights for outdoor decorating and use indoor lights for indoor decorating.
  • Avoid using too many extension cords into power outlets.
  • Keep your Christmas trees hydrated and away from heat sources.
  • You can also opt for a fire-resistant fake tree instead.
  • When hanging lights up high and using a ladder, have someone hold the ladder for you.
  • Turn your lights off before you go to bed. Don’t leave them on overnight.
  • Don’t forget to blow out your candles before bed.