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The New 2023 Disney Florida License Plates: How Much They Cost, How To Get One

The new Florida Disney license plates are now available. The new design features Cinderella's Castle. Sales will continue to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Central and Northern Florida. $2 million has been raised so far. There are now over 100 specialty license plates in Florida that raise money for various charities and organizations. How much are the new Disney license plates? Probably not as much as you'd think.  The plates are an extra $25 beyond your usual car registration fees.  You pay more than that just to park at Disney.  Then again, if you're getting one of these Disney license plates, there's probably an annual passholder sticker on your car already and you don't pay for parking. How do you get one? If you already have a car registered in Florida, head to your County Tax Collector’s Office or Florida license plate agency (see a list here). Make an appointment for tag renewal or registration and during your appointment, purchase an available Walt Disney World Florida specialty license plate. If you're new to Florida, visit flhsmv.gov. Click the “Motor Vehicles, Tags & Titles” drop-down menu and select “License Plates & Registration.” From there, go to the Motor Vehicle Registrations page for detailed information about how to apply. Can you personalize the Disney license plates? Yes. but if you want to personalize your plate, that'll be another extra $15. Check the availability of your desired configuration using the Personalized License Plate Inquiry service. If your idea isn't taken, print and complete the Application and visit a motor vehicle service center. You'll get your plate in the mail. [Source: Disney] [select-gallery gallery_id="439165" syndication_name="celebrities-spotted-at-florida-theme-parks" description="no"]

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