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These are the six deadliest serial killers that are synonymous with the Tampa Bay area. We’ve been watching a lot of serial killer documentaries and realized there’s many that came out of the Tampa Bay area. These people either lived here during the killings or killed people from the Tampa Bay area. Some of these names you might have heard before like the ‘Seminole Heights Killer’ and some you never known. There’s been several over the past several decades including the notorious ‘Granny Killer’ with many being executed by the state of Florida.

It’s interesting to find out their stories and what year they started killing people. It’s hard to find out why they went on their killing spree but many of these serial killer ended up murdering dozens of people. Some of these victims were raped before being killed but luckily one of the abducted women was able to escape in one of the scenarios and that’s how the killer was caught. Check out the list below because you might see someone is on the list that you never knew about which might be shocking.

  • Brian K. Rosenfeld

    Brian went on a killing spree during the 80’s and 90’s in what he called mercy-killings. He was a nurse who would travel around to different nursing homes and intentionally poison his patients. Ultimately there were 29 victims and was sentenced to life in prison serving three life terms with no chance of parole.

  • Bobby Joe Long

    One of the most famous Tampa Bay serial killers, Bobby Joe Long was executed for the murder of Michelle Denise Simms by the state of Florida. He murdered at least ten women in 1984 but was caught when 17-year-old Lisa McVey was able to get away after being abducted for 26 hours. Long was known as a serial rapist and was finally caught when she gave details on his location.

  • Howell Emanuel "Trai" Donaldson III

    If you don’t recognize his name you’ll never forget him as the ‘Seminole Heights’ serial killer. He had the Tampa Bay area on edge for weeks after he murdered four people in the Seminole Heights neighborhood back in 2017. All four victims were shot dead and seemed to be completely random. and he’s currently still on trial for the murders.

  • Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

    In 1986, Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. killed three women in the Tampa area. He was ultimately executed in 2016 by the state of Florida.

  • Gerald Stano

    Gerald Stano confessed to killing a total of 41 women with 15 of them being from the Tampa area. Stano was executed in 1998 by the state of Florida.

  • Edwin Mike Kaprat III

    Back in 1995, a handyman from Hernando County raped and killed five elderly women and then got rid of their bodies by burning their homes. He was then nicknamed the ‘granny killer’ over a seven-week period.

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